Coffee table

Designed by Élise Fouin

The Bouillotte (to pronouce “boo-yacht”) table refers to a round table on which people played "bouillotte", a card game originating in France in the 18th century similar to poker. Its main caractheristic is a carrare marble top, ringed by a metal gallery.  Redesigned to fit modern interiors, the Bouillotte table will find its place in the living room or the bedroom as a coffee table or a side table.

Descriptive :

Available in 2 heigths 39 and  49 cm. The feet can be dismantled. Colour of the gallery can be customized (see our colour range). Marble of carrare softened. 100% solid French beech. Gallery in lacquered veneer. Made in Anjou (France).

Dimensions :

PM Ø 77cm x P.39cm

GM Ø 52cm x P.49cm

Finishings :

  • Raw
  • Natural matt varnished

Colours :

  • White (ral 9010)
  • Bordeaux (ral 4004)
  • White gray (ral 9002)
  • Pink (ral 3015)
  • Saffron (ral 1017)
  • Green white (ral 6019)
  • Slate (NCS S7020-B) (ral 7026)
  • Linen (ral 1019)
  • Charcoal NCS S8005 - R80B (ral 7016)
  • Ivory (ral 9001)
  • Putty (ral 7006)
  • Red (ral 3003)
  • Mustard (ral 1012)
  • Ocean (ral 5020)

Product code :

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